Tonight is what it means to be young

Razorcake Podcast #717 with Rick, Liz, and Daryl picking their favorites of 2020

Jan 01, 2021

Daryl, Liz, and Rick go through their favorite records of 2020 and have a deep dive about hardcore band tropes.

Daryl has since decided that Constant Insult's History in Shorthand is his favorite release of the year.

Milky Wimpshake, “Fuck Art, Let's Danse” Confessions of An English Marxist (Bobo Integral)
Degollada, “Natasha” Self-titled Demo (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos)
Reek Minds, “4 A.M.” Self-titled EP (Edger)
- - -
Enemy Radio, “Last Stand Caravan”, Loud is Not Enough (Spitslam)
C.H.E.W., “Noise Square”, In Due Time 7” (Iron Lung)
Peace Talks, “A Lasting Piece” A Lasting Piece 7” (Cruel Noise)
- - -
Suicide Machines, “Detroit Is the New Miami”, Revolution Spring (Fat)
Anxiety Cat, “The End of Growth” The End of Reality As We Know It (Hairpond)
The Bananas, “La Touraine” Don't Go Toward the Light (Self Released)
- - -
Cobra Man, “Light Me Up” Single (Self Released)
Soul Glo, “I'm On Probation” Songs to Yeet at the Sun (Secret Voice)
Sweeping Promises, “Hunger For A Way Out” Hunger For A Way Out (Feel It)
- - -
Horni Vinnie and the Regular Guys, “Dead Friends Pt 2” Hucklebuck Sessions (Vincente Hornikowitz LLC)
The Globs, “Tugboat Captain” Weird and Wonderful World of the Globs (Recess)
Xetas, “The Mariner” The Cypher (12XU)
- - -
The Mr. Eds, “Basement” Missed Threads EP (Self-released)
Go Go Go, “Fortenbury” Go Golden (Rhett Skateboarding)
Penny, “How Ya Feelin', Baby?” Cassingle (Scattered Smothered and Covered)