Cats with horns

Razorcake Podcast #715 with When Horns Are Okay, Part III with Jennifer, Todd, and Ethan

Another “When Horns Are Okay” podcast?! Oh boy! Yes, dear readers/listeners, it’s the third installment of Todd and Jennifer’s “When Horns Are Okay” podcast, with the possible, not-yet-confirmed subtitle of: “Don’t Call Me Horny.” This installment brings a special guest: Mr. Ethan Shapiro from the awesome L.A. band Rough Kids! Thanks for joining, Ethan!

Ethan provided a whole bunch of the songs for this installment and Jennifer did nothing more than hang out. There’s weird stuff (a Finnish dude who includes chainsaws in his repertoire), noisy stuff (Pink Siifu, we’re looking at you), well-known stuff (hello Clash, Dead Kennedys and Ramones), and even a song that may not actually have a horn in it! You’ll have to listen to find out.  


Maukka Perusjätkä, “SÄPINÄÄ,” SÄPINÄÄ, (Johanna)
Knowso, “Peaceful and Extinct” Specialtronics Green Vision (Drunken Sailor)
Policymaker, “Too Much (Blat)”
– – –
Protomartyr, “Day without End,” Ultimate Success Story (Domino)
Ivy Green, “Resurrection,” The Quest (No Bluff)
Snuff, “A Smile Gets a Smile,” There’s a Lot of It About (Fat)
The Clash, “Drug Stabbing Time,” Give ‘Em Enough Rope
Black Addidas, “Play What We Know,” Self-titled (Digital Analog)
– – –
Pink Siifu, “BLACKisGod, A ghetto-sci-fi tribute(_G)” (
Dead Kennedys, “MTV Get off the Air” Frankenchrist (Alternative Tentacles)
Andy Human & The Reptoids, “Blood on the Wall,” Self-titled (Self-released)
Camera Silens, “Classe Criminelle 1 Et 2,” Réalité (Euthanasie)
– – –
Alice Bag, “Gate Crasher” Sister Dynamite (In the Red)
Jail Weddings, “I Must Keep My Woman Happy,” Wilted Eden (Tru-Vow)
Vacation, “Mobility,” Jingoist Diaries (Tour cassette)
Ramones, “Do You Remember Rock’n’roll Radio,” End of the Century
Elton Motello, “Victim of Time,” Victim of Time (RKM)
– – –
The Blood, “Well Sick,” False Gestures for a Devious Public (Noise)
Toys That Kill, “I Hate Karma” Shanked (Recess)