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Razorcake Podcast #714 with DJ Done Talkin'

Dec 04, 2020

Nine tracks submitted without comment.

Soul Glo, “I’m on Probation” Songs to Yeet at the Sun 12”EP
Darto, “Duvall Days” Hex 12”EP
Death Gasp, “Murder Policy” Stranglehold 7”
Peggy Lee, “When the World Was Young” Black Coffee with… LP
Kalishnikov, “Stalinstrasse Lovestory” Living in a Psycho-Chaos Era LP
Wizard Apprentice, “Dig a Pit” Dig a Pit LP
Genghis Tron, “Relief” Board Up the House 2 x LP
Unwound, “Below the Salt” Leaves Turn Inside You 2 x LP
- - -
Range Rats, “Honky Tonkin” Self-titled LP