johnny and elwood recording a podcast

Razorcake Podcast #711 with Johnny and Elwood

There’s two magazines that I read regularly. One of course is Razorcake, keeping me up to date with the all the latest and greatest punk reviews, interviews, and the goings on of the Rhythm Chicken. The other is BBC History Magazine, a fantastic hodge podge of articles spanning all eras of human history. I’ve been fascinated by history since I was a child and recently have rekindled this love. Two of the most fascinating civilizations are the Romans and the ancient Greeks.

Both of these societies spanned centuries and therefore it would be slightly reductive to make sweeping generalizations, but I only have so much space to write in so get ready for some sweeping generalizations. Both the Romans and Greeks seem remarkably advanced when you consider what came after them (please bear in mind that my knowledge of Middle East history is woefully lacking and therefore I’m really just comparing to European history). Both the Greeks and Romans had forms of democracy that may have been greatly flawed but were much more equitable than the Feudal System. Both societies made scientific and philosophic advancements that are still taught today. But both civilizations faded and were replaced by something else. Because in the end, history is a measure of change and humans constantly change.

Listening to punk from both of these countries it can be fascinating to hear which elements of punk have been taken from and built upon. Notable is Raw Power from Italy who make an unholy thrash noise in the first track you’ll hear, active from 1981 they were taking hardcore to the thrash when bands in the US were starting to head that way whilst living thousands of miles apart and without the joys of Spotify or Bandcamp. Just like societies change so does punk music, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse, and Razorcake will be here documenting it all for posterity and one day the scholars of a distant future will be quoting the articles of Donna Ramone and Rev. Nørb in academic texts to shine a light on our culture.

Raw Power, “State Oppression” Screams From the Gutter (Toxic Shock)
– – –
Hakan, “I Saw God” III (Brassneck)
Acid Baby Jesus, “Me & Panormita” Lilac Days (Fuzz Club)
Bee Bee Sea, “Be Pop Palooza” Day Ripper (Wild Honey)
Nurse Of War, “Ντίσκο Αυτοκτονία” Εις Τόπον Χλοερόν (B-Otherside)
– – –
Nofu, “Qui Ed Ora” Qui Ed Ora (Annoying)
Shitty Life, “Neighbourhood Watch” Switch off Your Head (Spastic Fantastic)
Brutal Birthday, “Commotion” Commotion (Total Punk)
Negazione, “Niente” Lo Spirito Continua (Mordam)
– – –
Destinazione Finale, “Nel Riflesso” In Bilico Nel Reale (Calimocho Autoproduzioni)
Chain Cult, “Noise & Regret” Isolated EP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Affranti, “Punto Di Fuga” La Paura Più Grande (Smartz)
A Culture Of Killing, “Dancing” A Culture Of Killing (Drunken Sailor)
– – –
Antimob, “Αλυσοδεμένη Ανατολή” II (Εξωτικός Παροξυσμός)
The Devils, “The Devils Trick Is Not A Treat” Iron Butt (Voodoo Rhythm)
Bat Signal, “Sarah Connor” Straight out of Midnight (Keep It A Secret)
Kalashnikov Collective, “Algoritmo Di Crisi” Romantic Punk (Self-released)
– – –
The Smudjas, “Dance & Revolution” What We Have Is Today (Adagio830)