Eat the rich!

Razorcake Podcast #709, Midnight at Mazems with Bill and Booth!

Songs of positivity and a hunger for change b/w Songs to jam on your looted listening device while you meticulously screw pyramid spikes to your battle jacket that is actually for battle now! Oh and eat the rich!

Paint It Black, “Headfirst” Invisible EP (No Idea)
– – –
The Wednesdays, “Total Nightmare” Invisible Youth LP (Arkam / Thorp)
Q And Not U, “Soft Pyramids” Different Damage LP (Dischord)
Testors, “Time is Mine” Complete Recordings LP (Swami)
Tim Barry, “Raised & Grown” The Roads to Richmond LP (Chunksaah)
– – –
Sweet Reaper, “Car Crash” Closer Still LP (Alien Snatch)
Antarctigo Vespucci, “Breathless on DVD” Love in the Time of E-Mail LP (Polyvinyl)
Gouge Away, “Wildflowers” , Dies LP (Gouge Away / Eight-Sixed)
The Measure [SA], “Drunk By Noon” Songs About People… and Fruit n’ Shit LP (Don Giovanni)
– – –
Young Guv, “Roll With Me” GUV I LP (Run For Cover)
Glocca Mora, “Irrevocable Motherfuckers” Just Married LP (Kind of Like)
The Muslims, “Fuck The Cistem” Mayo Supreme LP (Don’t Panic)
Laura Stevenson, “Caretaker” Sit Resist LP (Don Giovanni)
– – –
Paul Westerberg, “We May Be the Ones” Stereo LP (Vagrant)