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Razorcake Podcast #708 with 1919 Hemphill Memories

Oct 23, 2020

Razorcake contributors Liz Jones and Rick V., and Chicago man Tyler Tons reminisce about 1919 Hemphill, a DIY show space that existed from 2002-2017 in Fort Worth TX. They were all volunteers at one point and were at some great shows that nobody else was at.

And right when you think the episode should be over, Rick and comedian Chris Darden talk about recently departed comedian, Clint Werth.

Cover photo: Graffiti done by Jeremy Joel at 1919 Hemphill. Jeremy was a Fort Worth based painter/artist who we also lost this year.

1. No Use For FX, "1919 is So Radical" (DIY Not?, Self-released)
- - -
2. TBA, "If Type 1 Diabetes Takes My Feet, I Better Get Terminator Legs" (Too Bad, Asshole, Self-released)
3. Angry Businessmen, "Brutal Roots" (Self-titled, NPNR)
4. Steve Steve - So... (Demo, Self-released)
- - -
5. Boogdish, "Vegans in Leather" (Blood and Guts In Boogdish, Hairy Chested)
6. Best Fwends, "Skate Or Live" (Not Alphabetically Arranged, Self-released)
7. Signal Lost, "Terminal" (Prosthetic Screams, Prank)
- - -
8. An Albatross, "You Can't Take Your Hot Rod With You" (Eat Lightening, Shit Thunder, When Humans Attack)
9. Onion Flavored Rings, "Broken Promises" (Used To It, Onion Flavored)
10. TornUp x Arkatype, "The Red Light" (You Will Never Understand (The State of Soul), Self-released)
- - -
11. Sexy, "Life After Love" (Por Vida, Onion Flavored)
12. Chinese Telephones, "Those Hot Milwaukee Nights" (Democracy, Sandwich Man)
13. Power Trip, "No Fool" (Integrity split, Magic Bullet)
- - -
14. Johnny Carson, "The Way You Look" (Self-titled, Self-released)
15. Clint Werth, "Clint Werth(?)" (edited) (Texas Mess Compilation, Stand Up!)