Razorcake Podcast #707 with How Much Horn Can You Take?

Welcome to “How Much Horn Can You Take?,” the second installment of When Horns Are Okay, a podcast series that explores horns in punk songs. This time out, Jennifer and Todd discuss such topics as:
• Does using horns give bands license to make a song longer?
• How frequently do we find ourselves compulsively listening to the songs we played?
• Grindcore with horns—did it work?
• Is that really a Siouxie And The Banshees cover?

Todd even unexpectedly stumbled upon a mini-set of Scandinavian horns. Horns show up in the most curious of places.

Get ready for some seriously righteous suckin’ and blowin’.

Pi$$er, “Time,” Crushed Down to Paste (Kibou)
– – –
Anxiety Cat, “Invasive Surveillance,” The End of Reality As We Know It (Self-released,
Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel, “Descent into the Inferno,” Nail (Homestead)
James Chance & The Contortions, “Bedroom Athlete,” Buy (ZE)
– – –
The Globs, “Spiral Stairs,” The Weird and Wonderful World of the Globs (Recess / Dead Broke / Sacramento)
Wish Granters, “Still Thinking of You,” Self-titled 12”EP (Recess / Water Under The Bridge)
Lenguas Largas, “Anke,” Split LP with Your Pest Band (Midtown Island)
Erik Nervous And The Betablockers, “Make Up to Break Up,” (Siouxie & The Banshees) Self-titled LP (Drunken Sailor)
– – –
Knugen Faller, “Lugna Favoriter,” Lugna Favoriter (Wasted Sounds)
Viagra Boys, “Sports,” Street Worms (Year0001)
Ebba Grön, “Flyktsoda,” 1978-1982 (Mistlur)
Romeo Void, “Never Say Never,” Never Say Never (415)
– – –
Flipper, “Sex Bomb Baby,” Generic Flipper (Subterranean) 
Charles Albright, “18 Weeks,” Everything Went Charles Albright (Sacramento)
– – –
Run The Jewels, “A Few Words for the Firing Squad (Radiation)” RTJ4 (Self-released)