Danish punk band Lost Kids

Razorcake Podcast #703, Scandinavian Sundays Episode 2 with Jennifer and Todd

Sep 11, 2020

The thrills continue with Episode 2 of our Scandinavian Sundays podcast series. This go-round features more bands from Norway and a special guest, Mr. Martin Salmonsson from Sweden, to talk with us and help with pronunciation. Tack, Martin! We also butcher the hell out of Finnish, but learn that Lama’s song “Totuus Löytyy Kaurapuurosta”translates into “The Truth Is Found in Oatmeal,” so that’s pretty great.

As a special treat, we found this video of the band Lost Kids from Denmark, filmed in 1979. It’s excellent, check it out!

Vicious, “Alienated” (Sweden) (Alienated, Feral Ward)
Lost Kids, “Cola Freaks” (Denmark) (Self-titled 7”, Medley)
- - -
Hjertesvikt A/S, “Asosial” (Norway) (7” split with Diagnose, B.Rock)
Liliedugg, “Neonråte” (Norway) (Self-titled EP, Oh Yeah!)
Dansetten, “Act Crawl?” (Denmark) (Mask Rouletta, Hjernespind)
- - -
AC4, “I Wanna Go” (Sweden) (Self-titled, Deranged)
Bannlyst, “Systemets Redskap” (Norway) (Split cassette with Angor Wat, Knall Tapes)
Kafka Prosess, “Mentalist Ute Av Balance” (Norway) (One Day Son All This Will Be Yourz split with Disorder, Disorder)
Asta Kask, “Välkommen hem” (Sweden) (Med Is I Magen, Rosa Honung)
Kaaos, “Syytön Sivustakatsoja” (Finland) (Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos, Barabbas)
- - -
Hæverk, “Loven Slår” (Norway) (Produkt Av 70-åra 7”, Torpedo Plater / Mediasyndikatet)
Lama, “Totuus Löytyy Kaurapuurosta” (Finland) (Totuus Löytyy Kaurapuurosta, Johanna)
Totalitär, “Makten Till Ytan” (Sweden) (Ni Måste Bort!, Finn)
Glow Kit, “Shallow” (Denmark) (Self-titled, Kanel)
- - -
Terrible Feelings, “Days to Come” (Sweden) (Shadows, Deranged)
De Høje Hæle, “Avant Garde Symfoni” (Denmark) (Skal Vi Aldrig Videre?, Hjernespind)
Plastic Tones, “Mystery Machine” (Finland) (Mystery Machine / Whirlwind 7”, Lempi & Sylvi Discs)
- - -
Knugen Faller, “Inte Som Ni” (Sweden) (Lugna Favoriter, Nyvåg)