Razorcake Podcast #702 — Midnight at Mazems with Bill & Booth!

Love and loss in the time of Covid 19. Life in a fascist, dystopian infection-zone is both exciting, soul-crushing and fucking boring. Endlessly swiping a phone to escape the waves of anxiety only to find more fear, dread, and the occasional LOLz. Listen as Bill and Anthony explore the highest highs and lowdown dirty lows of their respective phones recently played lists…

Discharge, “The Nightmare Continues” (Clay / Sanctuary)
– – –
Star Fucking Hipsters, “Two Cups of Tea” (Fat Wreck)
TV Crime, “Hooligans” (Alien Snatch)
Paul Baribeau, “Eight Letters” (No Idea)
Chain Whip, “I Don’t Wanna Live in a Fucked Up World” (Neon Taste)
– – –
Noname, “Song 33” (Noname)
The Weakerthans, “Sun in an Empty Room” (Epitaph)
Strike Anywhere, “Imperium of Waste” (Pure Noise)
Wonk Unit, “Summer Time / You’re Sick” (Plasterer)
– – –
Massenger, “Power to the PPL” (Naked Time Tapes)
Bouncing Souls, “Inside Out” (Epitaph)
Dillinger Four, “A Jingle for the Product” (Fat Wreck)
Charles Albright, “Dane Cook, Nickleback, the Olive Garden, Armageddon” (Sacramento)
– – –
The Gunshy, “Remember When You Used to Want to Die?” (Sleep Recordings)