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Razorcake Podcast #700 with Rick V.

Aug 21, 2020

Razorcake Podcast #700 with Rick V.

I have had two bins of backlogged seven inches that I have yet to listen to. These two bins started as a single bin ten years ago. While formatting a ninety page Game Boy zine I had my partners tiny portable turntable next to my computer. I made it my goal to listen to all fifty plus off these records. I succeeded and these are some of the highlights. I logged all the records on the Whatchubeenlisteningto? twitter page. http://twitter.com/whatchubeenlis2

–Rick V.

Panty Raid, “I wanna Be Your Tiger” Secret's Out (Raw Sugar)
- - -
Rat Storm, “Flex Your Heart” Ratstorm / Chaotic Neutral split (Reality Is A Cult)
Spelling Bee, “Decoys” Spelling Bee / Glass Teeth split (Self-released)
Foreign Objects, “Leave Me” Self-titled (Loud Punk / Shock the System)
- - -
Popitilopitilus, “Petting Zoo” Huh (Stank House)
Sleep Like A Log, “The Big Monster And Me” Rumspringer / Sleep Like a Log split (Traffic Street)
- - -
Polychrome Violence, “Up On The Spot” Americhrome EP (American Sedation)
White Trash Superman, “Couldn't (If I tried)” Couldn't (If I Tried) With Wheaties (Did it Ourselves)
Reagan SS, “Can't Sit Still” Hail The New Dawn (Six Two Five)
- - -
145's, “Baby Sunshine”, “Almost Good” (Twist Like This)
Sore Loser, “Sore Loser Theme / Knives” It Only Hurts On The Inside (Dosei Jidai)
The Sioux, “Malfunction Junction” Lexomyl / Sioux split (Self-released)
Chronicity, “ War on the Poor” Self-titled (Obscurist Press) (2006)
- - -
Untamed Youth, “Sophisticated International Playboys Theme Song” (Estrus)