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Razorcake Podcast #698 with Johnny and Elwood

Razorcake Podcast #698 with Johnny and Elwood

When do you think dictatorship was last a form of government in Western Europe? Did you (like me) think that it ended with Mussolini hanging from a lamppost and the bullet that tore apart Hitler’s vile brain? Well it turns out that in Spain was much later in finally being rid of dictators. Franco who, though there is debate as to whether he was a fascist, was certainly a dictator who ruled over Spain from 1936 to 1975. He gave support to the axis powers during World War II which led to other European powers shunning Spain in the post war period causing a depression in Spain. Portugal on the other hand was in the grips of a corporatist state, Estado Novo, until 1968. Corporatism is closely linked with fascism.

I write this introduction a short while after Donald Trump designated anti-fascists (ANTIFA) as terrorists. I’ve also been watching the HBO series Band of Brothers, who I guess were all terrorists in the eyes of Trump. The fact remains that Spain and Portugal show that these kinds of governments didn’t just die away when the war was won. People will keep having to sacrifice to keep it from coming back, and punk music can play its part in that fight. Few musical styles have brought political issues to the forefront like punk and it constantly amazes me to see the community coming together time after time to organise to help those who are at risk. Some of the punk bands you’ll hear in this podcast we’re making music under a dictatorial form of government but they kept fighting to make art and to change their world. I am proud to be a part of this community.


Rata Negra, “Es Unica” Justicia Cósmica (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Desechables, “No Me Consigues Divertir” La Maqueta (Munster)
– – –
Arrotzak, “Lurzoru Hotzetik” Lurzoru Hotzetik (XCementerioX)
Columna, “Animal” Las Cosas Que Perdemos (Dirt Cult)
La URSS, “Non Plus Ultra” Nuevo Testamento (Humo)
Chroma, “Olor De Muerte” Cuerpos Dociles (Hysteria)
– – –
Derribos Arias, “Branquias Bajo El Agua” La Centralita De Informacion (GASA)
Decraneo, “Siamesas” Sacrilegio (Malditos Vinilos)
Nadsat, “Utopia” Split With Ruina (Andalucia Über Alles)
Vaiapraia & As Rainhas Do Baile, “Sem Armas” Amor Duro (Spring Toast)
– – –
FOC, “Impossibles Sentiments” La Fera Ferotge
Troika, “Confrontacion” Una Vida (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Generacion Basura, “Lxs Ciclistas De Satanas” Self-titled (Self-released)
Kangrena, “Ataque” Peace/War (R Radical)
– – –
Disaster Jacks, “Workers Paradise” Self-titled (Filferro)
Accidente, “Vuestra Voz” Pulso (Dirt Cult)
Heksa, “We’ve Had Enough” Cenizas (Walking Is Still Honest)