Razorcake Podcast #696 with Jennifer Federico and Todd Taylor/ When Horns Are Okay

Scene from Lost Boys

Awhile back Todd and I somehow got on the subject of Mr. Tim Cappello (although I didn’t know his name at the time), the musician who many may recall as the oiled and ripped saxophone-playing man (and singer) performing the song “I Still Believe” in the 1987 movie The Lost Boys. I had commented to Todd that the sax-playing in the song was really not my cup of tea (nor is the song itself), and we went down a little path trying to think of punk songs or bands that use saxophone (or other woodwinds or brass instruments) that we actually enjoy. This podcast features just a few that we came up with—hope you like it!

And for those who are unfamiliar with The Lost Boys or the specific scene I’m referring to, or those who want to take a little trip down memory lane, you can check it out here.


(P.S. No disrespect meant to Tim Cappello—it’s just not my thing!)

The Taxpayers: “Goddamn These Hands,” God, Forgive These Bastards (Songs from the Forgotten Life of Henry Turner) (Asian Man / Really)
– – –
X-Ray Spex: “Obsessed With You,” Germfree Adolescents
The Saints: “Know Your Product,” Eternally Yours
Snuff: “Ye Olde Folke Twatte,” Potatoes & Melons Wholesale Prices Straight from the Lock Up (Fat)
Big Boys: “We Got Soul,” Wreck Collection (Gern Blandsten)
– – –
Death Sentence: Panda!: “A + Cannibal,” Rough Trade Shops: Counterculture 05 (Rough Trade)
Weird Omen: “Earworm,” Surrealistic Feast (Dirty Water)
Smogtown: “Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing,” Incest & Pestilence (Modern Action)
Dog Faced Hermans: “Fortune,” Mental Blocks for All Ages (Mississippi)
The Ex (with Dog Faces Hermans): “Lied der Steinklopfer,” Singles. Period (Touch & Go)
– – –
Downtown Boys: “Slumlord Sal,” Self-titled 7” (Sister Polygon)
Rocket From The Crypt: “I’m Not Invisible,” Live from Camp X-Ray (Vagrant)
– – –
The Taxpayers: “Atlanta’s Own,” God, Forgive These Bastards (Songs from the Forgotten Life of Henry Turner) (Asian Man / Really)