Tim Kinsella

Razorcake Podcast #695 with Kurt Morris/ The Music of Tim Kinsella

Razorcake Podcast #695 with Kurt Morris/ The Music of Tim Kinsella

Photo by Vito Lauciello

In May 2020 I did an interview with Chicago musician Tim Kinsella for a future issue of Razorcake. In preparation, I listened to songs from Tim’s various musical projects from the past 30+ years. His first serious band, Cap’n Jazz—a trailblazing Midwest emo act—started in 1989 when he was a teenager. Since the ‘90s he’s been in many bands that also include his brother, Mike, and cousin, Nate, both of whom have their own careers in music. His mainstay act for most of his music career is Joan Of Arc, an ever-changing band whose music has polarized critics for its unique lyrics and sound.

This podcast includes three songs that show how Joan Of Arc’s sound has changed over more than 20 years. Beyond that, I include an array of Tim’s work on this podcast. It’s presented in roughly chronological order by release date, starting from the early 1990s through 2020. I hope you hear something you enjoy!


Cap’n Jazz, “Little League” (An Alphabetapolothology, Jade Tree)
Cap’n Jazz, “Ooh Do I Love You” (acoustic) (An Alphabetapolothology, Jade Tree)
– – –
The Sky Corvair, “Dinky Rope Dog” (Unsafe at Any Speed, Action Boy)
Joan Of Arc, “When the Parish School dismisses and the Children running sing” (Live in Chicago, 1999, Jade Tree)
Owls, “Everyone Is My Friend” (Self-titled, Jade Tree)
Make Believe, “One Zero” (Shock of Being, Flameshovel)
– – –
Owls, “A Drop of Blood…” (Two, Polyvinyl)
Tim Kinsella, “Goo’ Timin’” (Issues, Joyful Noise)
Joan Of Arc, “This Must Be the Placenta” (He’s Got the Whole This Land Is Your Land in His Hands, Joyful Noise)
Joan Of Arc, “Punk Kid” (1984, Joyful Noise)
– – –
Good Fuck, “Strange Pair” (Cherry Tree, Self-released)
Friend/Enemy, “Your Uh Free-Standing Ladder” (HIH NO/ON, Self-released)