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Razorcake Podcast #693 with Kayla Greet, Salinas Records edition

Jun 26, 2020

Razorcake Podcast #693 with Kayla Greet, Salinas Records edition

Welcome back to record label spotlighting! I started to lose steam after I did a big chunk of labels that I love, but I certainly didn't cover everything and don't know if I ever will. Salinas was recommended to me a while back and I'm happy to have finally covered them. Marco and I recently bonded over being educators. He told me that some twenty different people who have releases on Salinas are educators and that is a fact he's quite proud of. I love bridging that gap between two things that seemingly (to mainstream society) don't intersect.

I get into some real feelings about the world around us. Sorry in advance if it's too real for folks. This is affecting every person in a different and unique way and I don't want to make light or discount anyone's experiences. Basically I'm reacting to losing John Prine and how sad this reality is. If that's something you'd rather not hear, it's at the very end. I even run back the track listing from the block of music before that so once you hear me talk about Quaker Wedding, you can skip ahead to the John Prine cover.

Be safe, be well. Stay radical.

The Gibbons, “Getting Used to Anything” Hope Inc.
- - -
The State Lottery, “Ride It Out” Cities We're Not From
Wormburner, “Pints of Founders Make Me Drunk” 7”
Delay, “Name That Feeling” Plain Language
Swearin', “Fat Chance” Swearin'
Radiator Hospital, “Are You Feelin' Me?” Something Wild
- - -
Gateway District, “Skyline Drive” Partial Traces
Hey Hallways, “Proven Facts” Absence Makes the Heart Forget
Attendant, “Saturday” Freaking Out
all dogs, “Leading Me Back to You” Kicking Every Day
joyride!, “Center Divide” Half Moon Bay
- - -
ONSIND, “Immature” We Wilt, We Bloom
Dyke Drama, “Maniac” Hard New Pills
Partial Traces, “Elements” Low Definition
Second Narrows, “Hot Glass” Second Narrows
Quaker Wedding, “Jilted Lover” In Transit
- - -
Civil War Rust, “In Spite of Ourselves” – John Prine cover (bandcamp)