Razorcake Podcast #691 with Johnny and Elwood

Jun 12, 2020

Razorcake Podcast #691 with Johnny and Elwood

This feels like quite a special episode for me this time as we are doing tracks from Germany and Austria and I was born Germany. Sadly I was unable to find any bands from the town in which I was born but still it’s nice to look into the music of a place you have a connection to. Austria, on the other hand, I have only passed through on an overnight train from Budapest to Munich (I still feel sorry for the lady who got on at Vienna to find herself sharing a cabin with five foul smelling boys).

I generally try to pick bands from as differing genres as possible (whilst sticking within our punk bubble) but this time it seems that bands just seem to be a bit on the heavier and dirtier sides of our wonderful subculture so I’m afraid there’s not too many poppy moments to bop a long to. Maybe that’s a reflection on the countries I’ve picked from or maybe it’s a reflection of my mood as Coronavirus causes such chaos. Either way I hope you enjoy the songs, pick up some records and if you’re in quarantine you have a good old dance.


Slime, “Robot Age” Slime (Raubau)
- - -
Kenny Kenny Oh Oh, “Threat To My Reality” I Will Not Negotiate (Contraszt!)
Affenmesserkampf, “Euer Spaß Ist Nicht Mein Spaß” Seine Freunde Kann Man Sich Nicht Aussuchen (That Lux Good)
Snob Value, “Squares” Floating In The Void (Fantastic)
Überyou, “Overdrive” Night Shifts (Gunner)
- - -
Kapot, “Kotzn” Allen Geht Kapot (Twisted Chords)
Turbostaat, “Blau An Der Küste” Flamingo (Schiffen)
Bad Affair, “Bad Affair” Demo 2019 (Self-released)
Hysterese, “Zero” Self-titled (Surprise)
- - -
Abriss, “Carb Stomp” Dachlattenkult (Twisted Chords)
Idiota Civilizzato, “Con Gil Occhi” Self-titled (Static Shock)
Blank When Zero, “Steter Tropfen Hölt Den Stein” Einerseits (Self-released)
Arno X Deubel, “Tied/Tellerrand” Split With Disparo (Knochentapes)
- - -
Sad Neutrino Bitches, “Black And Blue” Squaw (Phantom)
Bug Attack, “Deine Kohle” Abriss (Gunner)
DeeCracks, “All Along” Sonic Delusions (Pirates Press)

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