Razorcake Podcast #690 with Kayla Greet

Jun 05, 2020

Razorcake Podcast #690 with Kayla Greet

In this batch of songs there's half of my best of 2019 list, some that didn't quite make the cut, and stuff that's soon to be released or just dropped in early 2020. Just another list of what I've been obsessed with for the last year or so. And that Worriers song I am definitely obsessed with. Even though I saw them play it in Seattle, Corvallis, and Gainesville last year, this recording is so incredible and I can't stop listening to it. Very excited for that new full length this year!

Are you excited about new music that I'm not covering? Drop me a line and tell me about it: [email protected]


Mikey Erg!, “Clueless or Cruel?” Waxbuilt Castles (Don Giovanni)
- - -
Adult Magic,  “Achin'” Self-titled(Dead Broke)
An Uneasy Peace, “A Thousand Pretty Mannequins” Self-titled7” (Dirt Cult)
The Proper Channels, “Escape '97” After These Messages
Dark Thoughts, “Do You Dream” Must Be Nice (Stupid Bag / Drunken Sailor)
- - -
Nervus, “Flies” Tough Crowd (Big Scary Monsters)
Spanish Love Songs, “Generation Loss” Brave Faces Everyone (Pure Noise)
Martha, “Wrestlemania VIII” Love Keeps Kicking (Dirtnap)
Dead Bars, “Freaks” Regulars (A-F)
- - -
Ramona, “Shit, We Broke Up” Deals, Deals, Deals! (Red Scare)
Lone Wolf, “Without You” Together Alone (Stardumb)
Loser, “Golden Things” Mindless Joy (Domestic La La)
Talk Me Off, “Worry Wart” Cursed (Smart Punk)
- - -
Worriers, “PWR CPLE” You or Someone You Know (6131)

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