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Razorcake Podcast #689 with Ryan Nichols

May 29, 2020

Razorcake Podcast #689 with Ryan Nichols


A while back I was spinning records and realized I had only been playing female artists for the majority of the night. So I thought, why not only spin female bands? This is not an attempt to pose as a feminist, make any type of statement, or try and get laid. This is simply great music, made by women with more balls than I’ll ever have. These ladies hardly need my help as you’ll hear. Enjoy.


D Day, “ Too Young To Date” Self-titled (Moment Productions)
- - -
Killer Pussy, “Teenage Enema Nurses In Bondage” Self-titled (Sho-Pink)
Romeo Void, “Never Say Never” Self-titled (415)
Deux, “Decedance” Self-titled (Minimal Wave)
Dva Damas, “Babes In Boyland” Nightshade (Downwards)
- - -
Blouse, “Into Black” Self-titled (Captured Tracks)
The Organ, “Brother” Grab That Gun (Mint)
Belgrado, “Kozmar” Self-titled (Discos Enfermos)
The Vanishing, “Lovesick” Still Lives Are Failing (GSL)
- - -
Frankie Rose, “Street Of Dreams” Herein Now (Fat Possum)
March Violets, “Walk Into The Sun” The Botanic Verses (Cleopatra)
- - -
Altered Images, “ I Could Be Happy (Dance Mix)” Pinky Blue

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