Razorcake Podcast #687 with Kayla Greet

Razorcake Podcast #687 with Kayla Greet


Damn. Who would have thought we’d be living through times like these? I was talking with a friend who’s an ER nurse yesterday and she said I can’t wait for the day we can say, remember that time we survived a pandemic? I’m generally holding it together and staying positive, but every time I look at the numbers or any bit of news concerning Coronavirus I have a mild panic attack and start crying.

By the time this comes out the world will certainly look a lot different. I’m hoping it results in a positive upswing, but a month and a half from now that’s not guaranteed. Nothing is really. My mom had to get a COVID-19 test this week. Even though she’s been self-quarantined for two weeks, only leaving the house for groceries and to walk the dog, she got sick. Somehow she got sick. Fortunately she tested negative for both influenza and COVID-19, but that was a stressful few days waiting on those results. That’s right, it took nearly three days to find out if she was infected.

I’m gonna try not to be a total bummer for this whole thing. So far I’ve been drawing a ton, knitting, watching the new Star Trek series Picard, doing online yoga classes with friends, watching live stream shows, Skyping with friends, reading books, sleeping in, and staying up late. I’m grateful for my health and hope the best for everyone in this situation.

That’s enough from me. Maybe this hour or so of songs and me chatting about them will perk you up if you’re in need of it. By the time you get to The Arrivals song I promise you’ll have a smile on your face and feel slightly better about the world.

Take care, have fun, wash your hands, smile, and laugh once a day. Don’t die.

-Kayla Greet

The Virus, “System Failure” System Failure (Self-released)
– – –
Mudhoney, “Touch Me I’m Sick” Superfuzz Bigmouth (Sub Pop)
Dag Nasty, “What Now?” Can I Say (Dischord)
Cock Sparrer, “I Feel A Death Coming On” Two Monkeys (Captain Oi!)
Punch, “Time Apart” How Nothing Lasts (Deathwish)
Off With Their Heads, “Trying to Breathe” In Desolation (Epitaph)
– – –
X-Ray Spex, “Germ Free Adolescence” Germfree Adolescents (EMI)
Worriers, “Glutton for Distance” Imaginary Life (Don Giovanni)
Buzzcocks, “Sick City Sometimes” Buzzcocks (Merge)
Ramones, “You Sound Like You’re Sick” Pleasant Dreams (Sire)
– – –
Bloodtypes, “Panic” Pull the Plug (Bomb Pop)
Shonen Knife, “Flu” Fun! Fun! Fun! (Good Charamel)
The Creeps, “Scared” Beneath the Pines (It’s Alive)
The Cute Lepers, “The Day After the End of the World” Can’t Stand Modern Music (Blackheart)
– – –
The Gits, “While You’re Twisting, I’m Still Breathing” Kings & Queens (Broken Rekids)
Spanish Love Songs, “Beer & Nyquil (Hold it Together)  Schmaltz (A-F)
Decent Criminal, “Death” Decent Criminal (Dumptruck)
Muncie Girls, “Picture of Health” Fixed Ideals (Buzz)
– – –
The Arrivals, “Simple Pleasures in America” Marvels of Industry (Recess)