Razorcake Podcast #686 with Bill & Booth

Bill & Booth podcast fun!

Bill and Anthony have been friends for a long time, but needed an excuse to hang out more, and that is how podcasts are born. Listen in while they discuss the defining moments of our life and times – or – just play punk songs and talk shit in Anthony’s garage. Either way smash the subscribe button on your Zune and don’t forget to donate to Razorcake for making it all possible!

Bothers, “No Trust” Self-titled (Dirt Cult)
– – –
The Real Kids, “All Kindsa Girls” Self-titled (Norton)
Upset, “Brighton” Self-titled (Lauren)
Good Luck, “Sleep With No Bad Dreams” Into Lake Griffy (Good Luck)
Maxwell Stern, “Pull The Stars Down Live” Live at 8am Chicago 11.16.19 (Alchemy Hours)
– – –
Tony Molina, “Can’t Find my Way” Songs from San Mateo County (Smoking Room)
Tony Molina, “Don’t See The Point” Songs from San Mateo County (Smoking Room)
Slumped, “Tonight” Self-titled (Slumped)
Surfbort, “Billy” Billy 7″ (Muddguts)
Vnlvx, “Let Me In” Self-titled (Vnlvx)
– – –
Evening Standards, “The Baron” Worlds End (Let’s Pretend)
Off With Their Heads, “Trash It” Be Good (Epitaph)
Blowout, “Cents Cents Money Money” No Beer, No Dad – Redux (Lauren)
Katie Ellen, “Houses Into Homes” Cowgirl Blues (Lauren)
– – –
Mrs Magician, “There is No God” Strange Heaven (Swami)