Razorcake Podcast #684 with Johnny and Elwood

Razorcake Podcast #684 with Johnny and Elwood

Apr 03, 2020

Razorcake Podcast #684 with Johnny and Elwood

With this episode of the Johnny & Elwood podcast we venture into new grounds. This is the first country where English is not the first language and therefore most of the songs contained within this glorious sound file are sung in a language I have a very basic understanding of (I mean really basic, I dropped French after GCSE’s). So this begs a question, can punk have the necessary impact if you can’t understand what the band is singing about?

Most of my favourite songs are so because of the lyrics. The emotional impact of the right words, the turns of phrase and the rhyming couplets that can make you scream with joy, break your heart or want smash everything within reach. This is what draws so many of us to punk in the first place. So can you have the same reaction happen when you don’t have the ability to understand what the singer is talking about? Well, not really but that doesn’t change that all these songs and the countless others created in France are worth listening to. And if the melody, the rhythm and, most importantly, the energy of a song grabs you then it might be worth the time to find out what is being sung about.

I’ve really enjoyed working on putting together this episode because it’s taken me out of my listening comfort zone and made me focus on different aspects of a song to find my connection to it. I’ve gained a new appreciation of France (although after they beat England in the six nations that was severely tested) and I really look forward to exploring the music of other countries over the next episodes of this podcast.


Syndrome 81, “Desert Urbain” Beton Nostalgie (Destructure)
- - -
Guerilla Poubelle, “Génération” Punk=Existentialisme (Guerilla Asso)
Rixe, “Paris Est” Collection (La Vida En Mus)
Nightwatchers, “Butchers Parade” La Paix Ou Le Sable (Loevlv)
Lunch, “Lucy” Plongé Dans Le Décor (Panda)
- - -
Bops, “M. Cubabalouder” Bops (Rose Coloured)
Tôle Froide, “Cours Valou!” Tôle Froide (AB)
Better Off Dead, “Sans Issues” Sans Issues (Destructure)
HHM, “Ruins of Misery” Kruschnicht (Self-released)
- - -
Les Rats, “De Barbes A Belleville” C’est Bien Parti Pour Ne Pas S’arranger (Gougnaf Movemenet)
Les Thugs, “Bad News From The Heart” Electric Troubles + Dirty White Race (Sub Pop)
Litige, “Loser” Fruite En Avant (Destructure)
P.M.S, “K.Y” EP (Danger)
- - -
Gutter, “Silence” Gutter (Build Me A Bomb)
Mon Autre Groupe, “Un Cafard Dans La Bouche” Mon Autre Groupe (Guerilla Asso)
Camera Silens, “Squatt” Réalité (Self-released)
Youth Avoiders, “Watch Me” Relentless (Destructure)
- - -
Dewaere, “Get Down” Slot Logic (Phantom)