Razorcake Podcast 683 with Rick V.

Razorcake Podcast #683 with Rick V.

Razorcake Podcast #683 with Rick V.

1919 Hemphill was a DIY space in Fort Worth, TX from 2002-2017. A whole bunch of bands played there, some you have heard of and some that nobody has heard or will never hear of. Rick has compiled a selection of jams by folks who played at 1919 Hemphill in its infancy.

–Rick V.

EDIT: At one point in this episode I refer to someone as a Men’s Right Activist. The person has come out declaring that statement is false. My apologies to that person. -Rick V.

Dark Lion, “The Poor Get Prison aka Maintaining Glass” Self-titled Demo 7″ (Vinyl Rites)
– – –
Akkolyte, “You?” Future Fascists of America (Chode Brand Music / F.T.F Productions)
Japanther, “Summer of 79′” Scuffed My Huffy (Menlo Park)
Jackson 8, “Pepper” Mystery Tank (Beat Kid)
– – –
Hissy Fit, “The Ambassador” Self-titled cassette
Boogdish, “Great Hair” Live Free, Die Bald
Retro Spectro, “I’m Gonna Bake You, You Fucking Potato” How Ya’ll Doing Tonight compilation
– – –
I Object, “Ever Impressor” Teaching Revenge (Alternative Tentacles / Blacknoise)
Modern Machines, “Ay Paisano!” Taco Blessing (Recess)
Best Fwends, “Adult Nap” Alphabetically Arranged (Moshi Moshi)
– – –
Rise And Shine, “In-Flight!” Rise And Shine / Pizza Party Split(Perplexagon Audio)
J-Church, “Terror of Love” Storm The TowerSplit CD  (“Honest” Mike’s Broken Rekids)
Emily Stoker, “30 Minute Life” A Great Factory Ever Since, Until Now
– – –
Cattle Assassins, “Whalin'” Poor To Tha’ Core (Half-ast Records)
Druids on Parade, “Getting old” Self-titled
Machine Gun Romantics, “Second Thoughts” Everything So Far (Dangerously Small / Six Two Five Thrash)
– – –
Bricklin, “Walk Away” Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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