Razorcake Podcast 681 with Kayla Greet

Razorcake Podcast #681 with Kayla Greet

Razorcake Podcast #681 with Kayla Greet

Photo by Adrien Way

Hello again! Nice to be back to podcasting. I had to do some full time life stuff for what felt like forever, but now I’m settled into an awesome spot in Seattle and was able to find the time to record. And how easy it was to jump right back in. I might even make this a regular thing I do again. Who knows!?

Anyways, here’s a batch of songs that came out within the last year. So if you have a hard time staying current, or have a friend who’s given up on punk, listen to this! Maybe they don’t make punk like they used to because it’s even better now. Hope you find something you enjoy.


Notches, “Funny How” New Kinda Love (Salinas / Dead Broke)
– – –
Hidden Spots, “Healthy Mind” New Me / New You (Dead Broke)
Snuggle!, “Better, Than Air” Holiday Heart (Dead Broke)
Generation Suicida, “Tipos de Control” Reflejos (Going Underground)
MakeWar, “American Futbol” Get It Together (Fat)
– – –
American Steel, “Should Have Died Young (Playing Rock and Roll)” State of Grace 7” (Fat)
PUP, “See You at Your Funeral” Morbid Stuff (Rise)
The Murderburgers, “Turning 30 Was an Eye Opener” What A Mess (Asian Man)
The Minneapolis Uranium Club, “Definitely Infrared Radiation Sickness” The Cosmo Cleaners (Fashionable Idiots / Static Shock)
– – –
The Hound of Love, “Journey to the End of the East Bay” Drunk Dial #4 (Drunk Dial)
Witching Waves, “Best of Me” Persistence (Specialist Subject)
Le Saboteur, “Distant Hum” Ditch (?)
Western Settings, “Big” Another Year (A-F / Gunner)
– – –
Off With Their Heads, “Be Good” Be Good (Epitaph)