Razorcake Podcast 680 with Bill and Booth

Razorcake Podcast #680 with Bill & Booth

Feb 28, 2020

Razorcake Podcast #680 with Bill & Booth

Bill and Anthony have been friends for a long time, but needed an excuse to hang out more, and that is how podcasts are born. Listen in while they discuss the defining moments of our life and times–or–just play punk songs and talk shit in Anthony’s garage. Either way smash the subscribe button on your Zune and don’t forget to donate to Razorcake for making it all possible!

Ramona, “Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Hearts” Deals Deals Deals (Red Scare)
- - -
Heartworms, “Baggage Claim” Heartworms (Beauty Fool Records)
Brave Hands, “Liam” To End All Worth (Salinas)
Madison Bloodbath, “Tears For Bears” The Singles (ADD)
Whiffs, “I Don’t Wanna Know” Another Whiff (Dig!)
- - -
Wunder Years, “Lonely Vampires Club” On Behalf of Rock and Roll (Springman)
Warp Lines, “You’ve Got Worms” Human Fresh (Dirt Cult)
CSTVT, “Between Berwyn and Bryn Mawr” Summer Fences (Count Your Lucky Stars)
Muncie Girls, “Picture of Health” Fixed Ideals (Buzz)
- - -
Walter Etc., “Punk With an Ex” Dark Comedy Performance Piece of My Life (Making New Enemies)
Personality Cult, “Sharp Edges” New Arrows (Dirtnap)
Vacancy, “Stations” Vacancy (Extinction Burst)
Maniac, “Pepe” Dim Sum/Pepe (La Ti Da)
- - -
Strike Anywhere, “Hollywood Cemetery” Dead FM (Fat Wreck)