Razorcake Podcast #678 with Johnny and Elwood

So we leave behind the island of Britain, board the ferry at Holyhead and sail across the Irish Sea to the land of Ireland. One of the many parts of the world that has felt the ill effects of the English. The island itself is divided between the Republic Of Ireland, which makes up most of the land, and Northern Ireland, which is still a part of the UK. This podcast is going to play music from both parts of Ireland, but please don’t read any political message behind this, as someone from England I recognize I have neither the knowledge nor the right to state whether Ireland should be unified or not.

But of course England still tries its best to fuck things up. The Brexit vote (largely based on lies and xenophobia) which was mostly voted against in Northern Ireland, threatens to cause renewed problems due to the creation of a hard border between the two parts of Ireland. This will have the affect of removing a major element that has brought a truce between the two sides in The Troubles. The free movement of people between the Republic and Northern Ireland meant that those who favored a completely separate Ireland from the UK were able to travel to and from the Republic with ease whilst those who wished to remain a part of the UK were able to have that as well. I’m not anywhere close to an expert on The Troubles, but it seems to me that anything that may upset this should be avoided at all costs, it would take a very delicate and conscientious person to navigate this and Boris Johnson is neither of those things.

Luckily, punk prevails over all adversity and there was great punk produced during the height of The Troubles (see the interview with The Outcasts in Razorcake #112) and is still being produced today.


The Outcasts, “Gangland Warfare” Magnum Force (GBH Records)
Protex, “Look Out Johnny” Strange Obsessions (Sing Sing Records)
– – –
Vena Kava, “P***” P*** (Self-released)
Kate’s Party, “Strong Words” My Other Girlfriend (Self-released)
Ghost Trap, “Mascara” 4 Songs (Self-released)
No Matter, “Scare Retail” Excess Baggage (Umlaut Records)
– – –
The Number Ones, “You’re So Happy I Could Cry” Another Side Of The Number Ones (Static Shock)
Pillow Queens, “Wonderboys” Calm Girls (Specialist Subject)
Chewing On Tinfoil, “Charlene”  Moving The Goalposts (Chewy Record Corp)
Sissy, “Gave Birth To A Mum” Gave Birth To A Mum (Self-released)
– – –
Milestones, “Crutches” (Guys With Beards Records)
Comply Or Die, “I’m Sick Of This” Depths
Axis Of, “Mapping St Kilda” Finding St. Kilda (Smalltown America)
Crows, “Enter The Crownado” Better Off Dead (Distro-Y Records)
– – –
Disguise, “Maze” Bas Fada (Static Shock)
Strong Boys, “Swell For Leather” Riot Shock (Milk Run)
Surge, “Cut It Out” Avalanche (Self-released)
– – –
Stiff Little Fingers, “Wasted Life” Inflammable Material (Rough Trade)