Razorcake Podcast #675 with Thirsty Thursdays Presented By The Dollar Boys

Thirsty Thursdays Presented by The Dollar Boys is a highly unorganized group of individuals who get together to play the best and worst of old and new, punk, hardcore, and god knows what else. Punk podcast. Come for the music, stay for the memories.

Fugazi, “Cash Out” The Argument LP (Dischord)
– – –
The Middle Class, “Out of Vogue” Out of Vogue 7″ (Joke) 
Haircut, “Sensation” Sensation 7″ (Beach Impediment)
Rocket From The Crypt, “Dead Seed” Group Sounds LP (Vagrant) 
Cheap Trick, “Such a Good Girl” Found all the Parts 10″ 
– – –
The Thought Criminals, “More Suicides Please” Food for Thought Crimes 7″ (Ascension) 
The Cowboys, “Hands of Love (Around My Throat)” Self-titled LP (Hozac)
His Hero Is Gone, “Angry Gods” The Plot Sickens: Enslavement Redefined LP (The Great American Steak Religion) 
The Kinks, “Yes Sir, No Sir” Arthur Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire LP 
– – –
Deep Wound, “You’re False” Various: Bands That Could be God LP (Conflict, Radiobeat) 
Rudimentary Peni, “Rotten to the Core” Death Church LP (Corpus Christi) 
Plastic Tones, “Mystery Machines” “Mystery Machine” b/w “Whirlwind” 7″ (Lemp & Sylvi, Svart) 
Eddy Current Suppression Ring, “Get Up Morning” Self-titled LP (Goner)
– – –
Rancid, “Don Giovanni” Self-titled(2000) LP (Epitaph) 
Brain Tourniquet, “Fate” Self-titled 7” (Painkiller) 
Screaming Targets, “Hex Murphy” Carbon Copies LP (Recess, This Is Pop) 
– – –
The Weirdos, “A Life of Crime” Destroy All Music 7″ (BOMP!)