Razorcake Podcast #670 with Thirsty Thursdays Presented By The Dollar Boys: “Best of the 2010s, Part 1”

Welcome to a special episode of Thirsty Thursdays Presented By The Dollar Boys. The topic at hand: “best records of the 2010s.” The culprits: your humble Dollar Punx. This was no easy feat and we all spent several agonizing months narrowing down our picks, but the final product speaks for itself. Bad-ass punk music isn’t going anywhere. As the genre ages, the definition expands as new influences are introduced. As we enter the third decade of the century, brace yourself with an open mind, it feels as though things are about to get really weird! Happy New Year ya freaks! And don’t forget to check back next week for part two!

Tenement, “Spitting in the Wind” Napalm Dream LP (Mandible)
Rough Kids, “My Shell is Broken” Self-titled LP (Sorry State)
Mind Spiders, “Going Away Tonight” Self-titled LP (Dirtnap)
Big Crux, “Lamente Demente” Ponchito LP (Self-released / Not Normal)
The World, “Ghost Town” First World LP (Lumpy)
– – –
Lenguas Largas, “I Feel” Self-titled LP (Tic Tac Totally / Recess)
God Equals Genocide, “You’re Different” Rattled Minds LP (Razorcake / Dirt Cult)
Masshysteri, “Masshysteri Del Två” Self-titled LP (Feral Ward)
Kendrick Lamar, “FEAR.” DAMN. LP
Tenement, “Stupid World” Napalm Dream LP (Mandible)
– – –
Mommy Long Legs, “Bridezilla” Try Your Best LP (Youth Riot)
God Equals Genocide, “Wasting Time” Rattled Minds LP (Razorcake / Dirt Cult)
Power Trip, “Firing Squad” Nightmare Logic LP (Southern Lord)
Wild Flag, “Something’s Come Over Me” Self-titled LP (Merge / Wichita)
Night Birds, “Send Me Home” Fresh Kills Vol. 1 LP (Grave Mistake)