Razorcake Podcast #666 with Kurt Morris

Nov 22, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #666 with Kurt Morris

In 2016 I wrote an article for Razorcake called “One Punk’s Guide to Christian Punk.” I’m no longer a Christian and don’t listen to Christian punk, but upon being asked to make Razorcake’s 666th podcast all about Christian punk, I couldn’t resist. With the help of some friends who also grew up in that musical ghetto, I put together some songs from my Christian punk years. I also included some hardcore bands in the mix, as the scenes overlapped quite often. These aren’t the best songs Christian punk and hardcore have to offer but they showcase the range of music that comprised the genre in the ‘80s and ‘90s, when I was into that scene. I’d say “enjoy” but you don’t have to.


The Blamed, “Feeding the Ignorant” (Frail, Tooth & Nail)
Crucified, “Directed Youth” (Take Up Your Cross / Nailed, Tooth & Nail)
One Bad Pig, “Hey Punk” (Swine Flew, Word)
MXPX, “Small Town Minds” (Let It Happen, Tooth & Nail)
Scatered Few, “Kill The Sarx” (Sin Disease, Alarma)
- - -
Crashdog, “?School” (Cashists, Fascists, and Other Fungus, Grrr)
Nobody Special, “That Feelin’” (Self-titled, Frontline)
Undercover, “Love Me Dangerously” (Balance of Power, Broken)
The Lead, “Get Out of My Face” (Live and Lo-fi 84-87, Self-released)
Officer Negative, “JCHC” (Dead to the World, Screaming Giant)
- - -
Zao, “Lies of Serpents, a River of Tears” (Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest, Tooth & Nail)
Blenderhead, “Power Trip” (Prime Candidate for Burnout, Tooth & Nail)
Fluffy, “Excommunicated” (Fluffy Luvs You, Blonde Vinyl)
Bloodshed, “Outside” (Self-titled EP, Tooth & Nail)
Crux, “Circle” (Failure to Yield, Tooth & Nail)
- - -
Blaster The Rocket Man, “I’m Only Humanoid (Lost in Space)” (The Anatomy of a Monster, Boot2Head)