Razorcake Podcast #664 with Rene Navarro

Nov 08, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #664 with Rene Navarro

Photo by Luis Noe Fraire

Tijuana is a city full of sights and sounds, smells and sensations. A hotbed of live music for decades, located at one of the world’s busiest border crossings, there was bound to be a thriving punk scene. I moved there when I was twelve years old and soon enough, found a flyer to my first show: Bümbklåått in the basement of a nightclub. By the time the show actually started I had to go home, but I had a pocket full of flyers for more shows, and I never stopped going. Everything you've heard about TJ is part true and part bullshit. I highly recommend you visit and find your own truth. Mine is that it's the first place that ever made me feel loved and that's something I can never forget.

-Rene Navarro

DFMK, "Sin Control" 7 Canciones Sobre Un Individualismo Radical (La Escalera)
Tijuana No!, "Gringos Ku Klux Klanes" Transgresores De La Ley
Beam, "No Lo Vez"
Mercado Negro, "Nazis Prietos"
Maldita Vecindad Y Los Hijos Del 5to. Patio, "Pachuco" El Circo
No Hope, "Unknown Track" Live At Carnavalito Peligroso
Maladie, "Fronteras Internas" Self-titled (Penguin Suit / Great Plains / Ethospine Noise)
Bio-Crisis, "Seguimos Muriendo" En Memoria Al Dolor (Replenish)
Teenage Kicks, "Ya No Estas" Cuatro Pasos Al Power Bailes (Nuestra Lengua)
Run For Your Fucking Life, "Gone" Self-titled (Gloom)
Bümbklåått, "Life's Speechless Direction" Self-titled 7" (Slaves To Darkness)
Animal's Revenge, "Violentus Habitus" Demo 2016
Desidia, "Harto" Harto
Violencia, "Facista Anti-Facista" El Odio Me Hizo Hacerlo (Speed Creamer)
Los Kung Fu Monkeys, "TJ Es Mi Hogar" Rudeboy Rockers (Stomp)
Los Crudos, "Ilegal, Y Que?" Discography  (Lengua Armada)
Tijuana No!, "Pobre De Ti" Transgresores De La Ley
Agresores, "Robando Vidas" Live at Cecut