Razorcake Podcast #663 with Johnny and Elwood

Nov 01, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #663 with Johnny and Elwood

I was going to write something about The Clash vs The Sex Pistols but as this episode took shape I realized that without really trying this episode was becoming more and more diverse. There were bands with members of all kinds of ethnicities, genders, and such like, and the sounds coming from these bands were equally diverse, there’s rage and there’s fun and there’s experimentation all going on in these songs.

London is a diverse city, there are people from all over the world who live there and call it home, and it has been that way for centuries. It breathes out a new culture that is made up of all the different parts of its whole.

But London also faces the problem that so many other major cities face right now. It costs a huge amount to live in London (it even has its own minimum wage to account for this). Landlords can charge unfeasible amounts for unlivable accommodation because it’s in London and as the Grenfell tragedy (along with numerous other scandals) proves that no one in power will act until it is too late. London needs to change to make sure that the beautiful diverse culture that has grown there continues to flourish and isn’t destroyed by those interested only in the profit that comes from exploiting the culture.

And we all know The Clash was the better band.


Cock Sparrer, “Riot Squad” Shock Troops (Razor)
The Damned, “Melody Lee” Machine Gun Etiquette (Chiswick)
- - -
Petrol Girls, “Big Mouth” Cut And Stitch (Hassle)
Runt, “Parasite” Positions Of Power (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Dissociates, “Useless Wooden Toys” A Capital Idea (Self-release)
Molar, “Auslännerwahlrecht” Straniero (Everything Sucks)
- - -
Cheerbleederz, “Cabin Fever” Face Plant (Alcopop)
Dream Wife, “Hey Heartbreaker” Dream Wife (Self-release)
Wolf Girl, “Maths In The Real World” Every Now And Then (Everything Sucks)
Sauna Youth, “No Personal Space” Deaths (Upset The Rhythm)
- - -
Stages In Faith, “Forgiving Man” Forgiving Man (Quality Control HQ)
Wonk Unit, “Je M’Appelle Alex” Splashy Man (TNS)
Snuff, “Nick Northern” Demmamussabebonk (Fat Wreck Chords)
The Exhausts, “Book Of Revelation” Eric Cantona (Everything Sucks)
- - -
The Skints, “Sociopath” Live Breathe Build Believe (Rebel Alliance)
Big Joanie, “Way Out” Sistahs (Daydream Library Series)
TheTuts, “Tut Tut Tut” Update Your Brain (Dovetown)
- - -
Public Image Ltd, “One Drop” This Is Pil (Pil Official)
Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros, “All In A Day” Streetcore (Anti-)