Razorcake Podcast #661 with Chris Cox

Oct 18, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #661 with Chris Cox

I lived in Portland Oregon from 2011 to 2015, and I still make frequent visits. Over that time period I saw a number of great shows and bands, many of which are now broken up or not terribly active. I wanted to make a podcast spotlighting some of the bands from the pretty rad scene that I was (and occasionally am still) a part of. I also threw in a few tracks from some Portland legends for good measure. This is my first ever Razorcake podcast and I hope you enjoy!


CORRECTION: In the podcast, I stated that I believed Tallwomen were no longer together. As of July 2019 however this appears to be incorrect, they are still doing shows and putting a new album out.

The Taxpayers, “The Windows Break” To Risk So Much For One Damn Meal (Useless State, 2010)
- - -
Tallwomen, “Deaf Dog” Deaf Dog EP (2016)
Nasalrod, “Yaphet Kotto Made My Day” Building Machines (Nadine Records, 2017)
Polst, “Gimmie” Eponymous (2014)
Backbiter, “1” Fvck the Bozos (Dirt Cult Records, 2016)
Poison Idea, “Plastic Bomb” Feel The Darkness (American Leather Records, 1990)
- - -
Fake News,”Sin Fronteras” Bad Apples EP (2017)
Shitty Weekend, “Throw Me in the Mud” Shit Week (Secret Pennies Records, 2014)
Blowout, “Indiana” No Beer, No Dad (Lauren Records, 2016)
Fools Rush, “OCMD” We Have Clementines (Bummer Dude!, Pizza Shoe Records, 2015)
Wipers, “Alien Boy” Alien Boy EP (Zeno Records, 1980)
- - -
Guantanamo Baywatch, “The Scavenger” Desert Center (Suicide Squeeze Records, 2017)
The Decliners, “Ollie 2 A Grind” The Decliners get Totally Kickd! (2017)
Secnd Best, “My Ambitious Horse, Charlie” Fact. (2015)
Gaytheist, “Aim for the Head” Gaytheist/Baby Gurl EP (2015)
The Anxieties, “Lab Rats” Lab Rats (Lab Rat Industries, 2014)
- - -
The Trusty Snakes, “Ain’t Gonna Change” New American Frontier (2019)

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