Razorcake Podcast #659 with Kayla Greet

Oct 04, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #659 with Kayla Greet

It’s my last day in LA and I’m spending my dwindling hours in the SoCal sun (actually fuck the sun, it’s on notice) putting together this podcast. Because why not fill some free time by bringing you fourteen awesome songs? Plus I just finished the book I was reading. Thrilling vacation choices!
Though to my credit, last night I bussed for over an hour to check out Amyl And The Sniffers with Alice Bag at the Teragram Ballroom. That show was amazing. I’ve never seen a front person completely take over a stage in a way that felt dangerous. There’s a wildness in Amy’s eyes that I saw in Alice’s as well, but the Aussie peepers felt fiercer last night. Maybe it’s because most things in Australia are poisonous as fuck, or it could be because those Sniffers are a fucking force to be reckoned with.
So thanks to those amazing front women for the inspiration, though I’m happy to play you a list of bands with women in them any fucking time. Thanks to Razorcake for allowing me to keep scratching that surface and get deeper and deeper. And thanks to Todd and Jennifer for a completely fantastic Los Angeles visit. Time to find out how many burritos I can smuggle on the plane!


Amyl and the Sniffers, “GFY” Self-titled (ATO)
- - - - -
The Beths, “Little Death” Future Me Hates Me (Carpark)
Spit-Take, “Postcards from (blank)” Falling Star (Dead Broke)
Big Eyes, “Young, Dumb and Bored” Streets of the Lost (Greenway)
Ramona, “Shit, We Broke Up” Deals, Deals, Deals! (Red Scare)
- - - - -
Alice Bag, “No Means No” Alice Bag (Don Giovanni)
The Pathogens, “Freaks on the Street” We’re Catchy (Zafio)
The Muffs, “Lucky Guy” Self-titled
Gateway District, “Murakami Novels” Old Wild Hearts (It’s Alive)
- - - - -
Shit Present, “Melbourne” Shit Present (Specialist Subject)
Wolf Girl, “Maths in the Real World” Every Now and Then (Everything Sucks)
Fresh, “Nervous Energy” Withdraw (Specialist Subject)
Witching Waves, “Best of Me” Persistence (Specialist Subject)
- - - - -
Control Top, “Unapologetic” Covert Contracts (Get Better)

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