Razorcake Podcast #655 with Thirsty Thursdays Presented By The Dollar Boys

Thirsty Thursdays Presented by The Dollar Boys is a highly unorganized group of individuals who get together to play the best and worst of old and new, punk, hardcore, and god knows what else. Punk podcast. Come for the music, stay for the memories.

Clowns, “Freezing in the Sun” Nature/Nurture LP (Fat)
– – –
Fad Gadget, “Saturday Night Special” Saturday Night Special 7″ (Mute)
Condor, “Que Jeunesse Se Passe” Singles 2017 – 2018 LP (Beach Impediment)
Tanning Bats, “Cases of Emergency Pt. 2” On the Assembly Line of Heads LP (Twin Toe)
The Fleshies, “Weird Decisions” Introducing The Fleshies LP (Dirt Cult)
Atoxxxico, “Uno de Ustedes” Tu Tienes La Razon LP (Puro Pinche Ruido)
– – –
Maze, “Eight Channels” Self-titled 12″ (Lumpy)
Tres Oui, “Looking For” Poised to Flourish LP (Shrimper)
Fire Inc., “Tonight is What it Means to be Young” Streets of Fire: Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 7”
Penetration, “Don’t Dictate” Don’t Dictate 7″
Full Of Hell, “Downward” Wheeping Choir LP (Relapse)
– – –
Booji Boys, “New Personnel” Unknown Pleathers 7″ (Sewercide)
Martha, “The Void” Love Keeps Kicking LP (Dirtnap, Big Scary Monsters)
Wipers, “Wait a Minute” Is This Real? LP (Jackpot)
Roht, “Blod” Idnsamfelagio Og Framtid Pess LP (Iron Lung)
– – –
Naked Raygun, “Wonder Beer” Understand? LP (Caroline)

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