Razorcake Podcast #654 with Mike Fournier

Aug 23, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #654 with Mike Fournier

Summer! Old friends stopping by the new spot! We’ve been waiting for this. We painted a basement wall white so everyone could sign in when they come by. And coincidentally, this podcast is full of bands I’ve played before doing new stuff – mixed in, of course, with new releases. All right!

Mike F.

Ossalot, “Crop Top” (Crossing The Threshold)
Post-Pink, “Fishy” (No Problem, Probably)
Divorce Cop, “Pet” (“What?”)
Strange Fate, “Casual Fly” (forthcoming on Salvagable Filth)
Bad Moves, “Cool Generator” (Tell No One)
- - -
Mercy Rule, “Down” (Providence)
Spirit Plots, “Pointer Sister Defense” (Exit Acts. Wuddup, Sammy!)
Helms Alee, “Pleasure Torture” (Noctiluca)
Wet Tropics, “Another Heart Attack” (demo)
Sap, “Pyramid” (2)
- - -
Distants, “Learning/Caring” (II)
Squitch, “Rot”
Drug Apts., “If I Could” (Come To Light/If I Could)
Enablers, “Bill, In Consideration” (Zones)
- - -
Dots, “Throwing Pennies” (forthcoming on Dirt Cult)

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