Razorcake Podcast #651 with Johnny and Elwood

Jul 26, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #651 with Johnny and Elwood

This episode of the Johnny And Elwood podcast is focusing on bands from the midlands of England. Stuck in between the north and the south, the midlands are widely overlooked but with such cities as Birmingham, Nottingham, and Leicester. A lot of really important bands have come out of the midlands. You’re going to hear a few on this episode, along with a good helping of new bands, but there are some names that also bear mentioning.

First up of course we have Black Sabbath from Birmingham, a band who regardless of whether you like them or not, you have to respect them for the insane impact that they made on all music. Just listen to the opening of the first record, that is some sinister shit right there.

And then we have the Specials from Coventry. Ska often seems like a dirty word in punk, but the Specials made music that was a spit in the face of all the racists and bigots that were so pervasive during the ‘70s. This was black and white people coming together to make joyful music and there is nothing more punk than that.

Whilst the midlands don’t feature heavily in the minds of those who think about the UK, they have quietly churned out some acts that changed heavy music for the better. And since it’s where I grew up I’ll always have a fondness for the midlands of England.


Napalm Death, “Unchallenged Hate” From Enslavement To Obliteration (Earache Records)
Discharge, “Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing” Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing (Clay Records)
- - -
Johnny Foreigner, “Criminals” Grace and the Bigger Picture (Best Before Records)
Don’t Worry, “Who Cares (U Care)” Who Cares Anyway? (Specialist Subject)
Kermes, “No Names / No Flags” No Names / No Flags (A Robot Needs Home)
Kagoule, “Repent! Said the Insect Man” Strange Entertainment (Alcopop)
- - -
Bad Breeding, “Dehumanised” Abandonment EP (One Little Indian Records)
Fights And Fires, “Take A Swing At The World” Live Like A Tourist (Lockjaw Records)
Nazi Killer, “This Could Be Anywhere” Nazi Killer Ep (Samizdat Records)
Nothing Clean, “Forgot to Let Go” Cheat (Samizdat Records)
Vile Sect, “Choke” Vile Sect (Self Released)
- - -
Slumb Party, “Marks On Your Soul” Tour Tape (Self Released)
TV Crime, “Clocking In” Clocking In B/W Clocking Out (Drunken Sailor)
The Atoms, “Greatest Girl I Never Met” Internet Dating For Beginners (Monster Zero)
Vanilla Pod, “Disgracer” Goodbye My Love (Brassneck Records)
- - -
The Smears, “Rise of The Liars” Dirty Protest (HMG)
Not Right, “Debate Club Wanker” Your Turn (Self Released)
The Domestics, “Gruppe 176/Dead In the Dirt” Cherry Blossom Life (Kibou Records)
Guerilla Monsoon, “Whiskey And Wine” Big City Plans (Paper And Plastic)
- - -
Consumed, “Heavy Metal Winner” Breakfast At Pappas (Fat Wreck Chords)
Flux Of Pink Indians, “Background To Malfunction” Neu Smell (Crass Records)