Razorcake Podcast #649 with Mike Fournier

Jul 12, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #649 with Mike Fournier

See this tree? It’s gone now. The root system was so close to the surface that we worried it’d fall either on our house of the neighbor’s. Rather than waiting for it, we were preventative.

Same thing with all this music. Rather than waiting for announcements, emails, I’m always snooping band pages looking for trouble. Seeking it out. Trying to be active, shake of the winter doldrums.

All right!
Mike F.

Martha, “The Void” (Love Keeps Kicking LP)
Corrode, “The Burial” (Live At Dead Air 2019)
La Tuya, “Nothing Times Two”
Institute, “Dazzle Point” (Readjusting The Locks)
Rong, “Moving On” (digital single)
- - -
Tuffy, “Everybody’s Best Ex-Girlfriend”
Angry Cougars, “Stay In Your Lane! (self-titled single)
Priests, “Control Freak” (The Seduction of Kansas)
FCC, “BFH (Big Fat Heart)” (Seeya, dudes)
AwkWard, “Anti-” (In Progress)
- - -
Uranium Club, “Grease Monkey” (The Cosmo Cleaners)
Wire Lines, “Volume” (2019 demo)
Glazer, “Crystal Probe” (split w/ Spowder)
TK Echo, “Era” (digital single)
- - -
Pile, “The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller” (Green and Gray)