Razorcake Podcast #647 with Kurt Morris

Jun 25, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #647 with Kurt Morris

On my last podcast, I put together songs that start out albums. For this one I decided to put together songs that are the final tracks on albums. The last track can really make a difference on how one views the album as a whole, especially for those of us who like to listen to albums all the way through. A lackluster closing track and leave a bad taste in one’s mouth in regard to the entire album. So, I put together a podcast of songs that I like and think are good examples of closing tracks. I hope you hear stuff you enjoy.


Minor Threat, “Salad Days” (Complete Discography, Dischord)
- - -
Wild Animals, “A Fitting Way to Say Goodbye” (The Hoax, B-core)
Hot Snakes, “Death of a Sportsman” (Jericho Sirens, Sub Pop)
White Lung, “Paradise” (Paradise, Domino)
Exit Order, “Clear the Dust” (Seed of Hysteria, Side Two)
Super Unison, “Scars” (Stella, Deathwish)
- - -
Yage, “Save the Fear Slave” (Anders Leben!?, Level-Plane)
Deeper, “Trust” (s/t, Fire Talk)
Guided By Voices, “Peep-Hole” (Bee Thousand, Matador)
Liar’s Academy, “Washing Machine” (Demons, Equal Vision)
Self-Evident, “We Built a Fortress on Short Notice” (We Built a Fortress on Short Notice, Doubleplusgood)
- - -
The Replacements, “Answering Machine” (Let It Be)