Razorcake Podcast #641 with Mike Fournier

Jun 04, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #641 with Mike Fournier

We’re finally moved into the new house. A few boxes remain, some pictures to hang, but we’re getting to the business of settling in after two months of renovation, trips to the old apartment, the dump. The cat is starting to track the sun across the house, establishing a routine of naps. Throughout all this, music has been constant – dig the new stuff here.

Mike F.
Get at me: @xfournierx

Frustration, “Excess” (Empire of Shame)
Ex Hex, “Rainbow Shiner” (It’s Real, Merge)
Last Sons Of Krypton, “Heat of 1000 Suns” (2 x 7” with Rev. Norb and the Onions. Thanks Joe!)
Pandemix, “Through The Night” (In Condemnation, Dirt Cult / Boss Tuneage)
XL Hell, “Trust Me” (evel demo)
- - -
Collate, “Communication” (New 7” on Market Square)
Spit-Take, “Our Room” (Falling Star, Dead Broke)
No Love, “Shut Down” (Choke On It, Sorry State)
Ageist, “Babyface” (Babyface, Arctic Rodeo. Wuddup Artie!)
Otzi, “Charms” (Part Time Punks Sessions)
- - -
The Bills, “Ugly” (Take Two)
Crack Cloud, “Drab Measure” (eponymous LP, Tin Angel)
Odd Pets, “BB Don’t Go” (Heavy Petting)
Tough Customer, “Clean and Clear” (Darlene)
- - -
Sideshow, “Mistake” (Eggplants and Sunspots, Caulfield)