Razorcake Podcast #639 with Jennifer Federico and Todd Taylor

May 28, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #639 with Jennifer Federico and Todd Taylor

Since music such a big part of my life, it’s a tissue that connects—sometimes almost subconsciously or invisibly—as real as any fleshly ligament. Exhibit A. I pulled core of these records from the heavy rotation stack in the front room. Some new—fresh out of mail order boxes—some old. Pete Shelley died. Fuck. Let’s memorialize him by playing some Buzzcocks. I recently interviewed Amyl And The Sniffers and named Bits Of Shit in the intro. Oh, yeah, those Aussies nail instrumentals. Just finished editing the reviews for the next issue and Ty Stranglehold mentioned the Subhumans. I’ve been meaning to lock some Wimpy harder into my memory and zero in on their bangers. Then the subthemes presented themselves in the flow of one song to another: politics, death, relationships, sex. Jennifer and I both independently came to the conclusion that “Pale and Vicious” was our favorite Color TV song on the album.

Without music, these synapses don’t fire in sequence. Plus, shit, it’s just good punk and it high time to drop the needle.

RIP Namella J. Kim and Peter Eichhorn. Your spirits live on.

–Todd Taylor

Bits Of Shit, “F” / “RockSing,” Cut Sleeves (Homeless)
- - -
Subhumans, “America Commits Suicide,” No Wishes, No Prayers (SST)
Neighborhood Brats, “Late Stage Capitalism,” Claw Marks (Dirt Cult)
Creeps, “Cold Feet,” Old Crimes: Singles Collection 2009-2013 (It’s Alive)
Color TV, “Pale and Vicious,” Self-titled LP (Deranged)
- - -
Superchunk, “Reagan Youth,” What a Time to Be Alive (Merge)
Tanner, “Hey Jigsaw,” Ill-Gotten Gains (Goldenrod)
Statues, “Fine Tuned,” Aux. (P.Trash)
Tommy And The Commies, “Suckin’ in Your 20s,” Here Come (Slovenly)
- - -
Buzzcocks, “What Do I Get?”
Bikini Kill, “I Like Fucking,” The Singles (Bikini Kill)
Marked Men, “She Won’t Know,” On the Other Side (Dirtnap)
Cyanide Pills, “Can’t Get It Up,” Still Bored (Damaged Goods)
Bad Sports, “Don’t Deserve Love,” Constant Stimulation (Dirtnap)
- - -
Tragedy, “Swallow the Pill,” Fury (Tragedy)

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