Razorcake Podcast #636 with Kurt Morris

May 17, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #636 with Kurt Morris

Here’s my best of 2018. I know that by the time this gets posted it’ll be well into 2019 but so it goes. I felt 2018 had some strong material and I don’t really know if I can rank these albums in any order. The songs I have here are some of my favorites from each album. I hope you hear something you like.


Wild Animals, “Lost in Translation” (The Hoax, B-Core)
- - -
Camp Cope, “How to Socialise & Make Friends” (How to Socialise & Make Friends, Run For Cover)
Shame, “Gold Hole” (Songs of Praise, Dead Oceans)
Ovlov, “Baby Alligator” (TRU, Exploding In Sound)
Deeper, “Pink Showers” (Self-titled, Fire Talk)
- - -
Hot Snakes, “I Need a Doctor” (Jericho Sirens, Sub Pop)
Converge, “Churches and Jails” (Beautiful Ruin 7”, Deathwish)
Pig Destroyer, “Army of Cops” (Head Cage, Relapse)
Super Unison, “The Birthday Gift” (Stella, Deathwish)
- - -
Deafheaven, “Honeycomb” (Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, Anti-)

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