Razorcake Podcast #634 with Kayla Greet

May 10, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #634 with Kayla Greet

By the time you hear this playlist it'll likely be Spring time and no longer miserable outside. But for now, when I'm recording it, I'm moored indoors with close to a foot of snow acting as a frozen moat just past my house. The Midwest certainly suffered much worse this year and was hit by a disastrous storm. Mere weeks later the Pacific Northwest was blindsided by a blizzard that not only wiped out the city, but cleaned out all the grocery stores as well.
So while I'm battening down the hatches and scurrying under the warmth of blankets and pets, here's a few songs to inspire warmth in our punk loving hearts. Don't forget to play this in the height of summer to remind yourself of what's coming.


Teen Idols - “20 Below” Pucker Up
- - -
Arctic Flowers - “Glass on Ice” Straight to the Hunter
Mind Spiders - “Cold” Prosthesis
Broadway Calls - “Bring on the Storm” Comfort/Distraction
The Arrivals - “The Power Won't be Staying on for Long” Volatile Molotov
American Steel - “Emergency House Party” Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts
- - -
Bad Moves - “Cool Generator” Tell No One
The Muffs - “North Pole” The Muffs
Chumped - “December is the Longest Month” Teenage Retirement
Flamingo 50 - “December Sun” Tear It Up
Jay Reatard - “There is no Sun” Watch Me Fall
Arms Aloft - “Skinny Love” Sawdust City
- - -
Joyce Manor - “Angel in the Snow” Cody
Choke The Pope - “Snowflake” Who Cares
PEARS - “Snowflake” Letters to Memaw
Scared Of Chaka - “Frozen Out” Scared Of Chaka
Tenement - “Cold The Pavement Is” Predatory Headlights
- - -
RVIVR - “20 Below” Bicker and Breathe

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