Razorcake Podcast #631 with Kayla Greet - Deranged Records Edition

Apr 30, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #631 with Kayla Greet - Deranged Records Edition

Here we are with another hour of me singing the praises of another record label's catalog. This time it's our friends in Canada: Deranged Records. One of the reasons I started doing record label spotlights is that I was running out of ideas. But the other and better reason is that I looked back at how I started building my brain's database of bands I like: label comps! They were a much cheaper way to amass 12-100 (I'm looking at you Short Music for Short People) never before heard of groups for about $15. And then you could mail order the stuff you liked from a catalog or record shop.

I'm totally getting full on fatigued of hearing people wax nostalgically about the ‘90s and “pre-internet times (PIT)” like it was some kind of golden age just because you had to work harder. Yes, some of that is definitely true. But I get so tired of the generational back biting. And when I truly think back to my proto punk days, when I was walking two miles up hill both ways in the rain just to get to Ticketmaster at the drug store so that I could wait in line to buy physical gig tickets... well I don't miss that. Laying in bed or slacking off at work to buy tickets online in seconds rules way harder.

Anyways, this isn't a column! Just putting some of my thoughts down on the internet.

Deranged rules. And the reason I know that is because for a time I kept flipping over some of my favorite records to find out who released them. Ten times out of ten (I'm no mathematician here) that sleeve said Deranged. To put it another way, I haven't heard them put out anything that sucks. So if you're new to their roster, welcome. Enjoy the ride.


Born Dead Icons - “Entraped” Part of Something Larger Than Ourselves
- - -
Fucked Up - “Circling the Drain” No Parasan 7”
The Observers - “Can't Be Sad” Lead Pill 7”
The Tranzmitors - “Glamour Girls” Bigger Houses, Broken Homes
Career Suicide - “Recipe For Disaster” Attempted Suicide
Marvelous Darlings - “Careerist” I Don't Wanna Go to the Party 7”
- - -
B-Lines - “Houseplants” B-Lines
Young Offenders - “Big Man, Small House” Big Man, Small House 7”
Terrible Feelings - “Days to Come” Shadows
No More Art - “False Confessions” Tough to Breathe 7”
Criminal Code - “Mocking Shadows” No Device
White Lung - “Blow It South” Blow It South 7”
- - -
Give - “Petal Pushing” Singles Going Confetti
Pleasure Leftists - “Future Fights” Self-titled
No Problem - “The Controller” Already Dead
Flowers Of Evil - “Loveless Thought” Self-titled
Daylight Robbery - “Shadows on the Snow” Accumulated Error
- - -
Color T.V. - “Last Year's Flu” Self-titled

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