Razorcake Podcast #629 with Jimmy Alvarado

Apr 23, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #629 with Jimmy Alvarado

“A.R.T. = M.O.N.E.Y.” –Alternative TV

Superheroines, “The Beast” (Cry for Help, Bemisbrain)
Weirdos, “Shining Silver Light” (We Got the Neutron Bomb, Frontier)
Color TV, “Meat Wagon” (Self-titled, Deranged)
Youth Against, “Masacre Indigena” (La Revolución de los de Abajo, Alarma)
Top Jimmy, “Dance with Your Baby” (Pigus Drunkus Maximus, Restless)
- - -
Sharp Objects, “DMZ” (Self-titled LP, Modern Action)
Xmal Deutschland, “Augen-Blick” (Tocsin, 4AD)
Auxiliary Animals, “Invisible” (Self-titled, Self-released)
Detox, “I Hate the French” (Start…Finish, Flipside)
Eater, “15” (The Roxy London WC2, Harvest)
Alternative TV, “Another Coke” (The Mirror Has Cracked, Anagram)
- - -
Anti-Social, “Suicide” (split w/ The Has Beens, Jerk Off)
Strung Up, “Death by Cop” (Society Rot in Hell, Kangaroo)
Skudz, “George is a Mother” (Hate Your’e Trend, Non-Fiction)
Mox Nix, “No Lies” (We Got Power: Party Animal comp, Mystic)
DFMK, “Agorofobia” (7 Canciones Sobre Un Individualismo Radical, La Escalera)
Solución Mortal, “Imperialista” (Eat Me comp, Bad Compilation Tapes)
Sin 34, “Runaway” (Die Listening 1981-84, Grand Theft Audio)
United Mutation, “Infinite Regression” (Discography 1981-87, bootleg)
Undead, “Gimme Your Autograph” (Act Your Rage, Post Mortem)
Subhumans, “Firing Squad” (Incorrect Thoughts, CD Presents)
- - -
The Wedding Present, “Don’t Be So Hard” (George Best 30, Happy Happy Birthday to Me)
Flipper, “The Wheel” (Public Flipper Limited, Subterranean)

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