Razorcake Podcast #628 with Jimmy Alvarado

Apr 19, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #628 with Jimmy Alvarado

“He's courting oblivion with a lover's zeal/He wants to fall deeper, ‘til he disappears” –Alice Bag

Tazers, “Emergency Room Intake” (Don’t Classify Me, Rave Up)
Moral Panic, “Dug” (Self-titled, Slovenly)
Thee Samedi, “TV Evangelist” (Lost Faith 7”, Forbidden Sea Bass)
Alice Bag, “Invisible” (Blueprint, Don Giovanni)
Thee Undertakers, “Don’t Mean Anything” (L.A. Muerte 7” EP, Artifix)
- - -
Pointed Sticks, “The Marching Song” (Vancouver Complication compilation, Rockin’ Bones)
Shattered Faith, “The Verdict” (The Future Looks Bright compilation cassette, Posh Boy)
The Wead, “By the Whey” (By the Whey 7”, Slovenly)
Pandoras, “Just a Picture” (Hey, It’s the Pandoras, Burger)
The Jeanies, “Amelee” (Amilee 7”, HoZac)
- - -
UV-TV, “Hear” (Glass, Deranged)
100 Flowers, “All Sexed Up” (Self-titled, Superior Viaduct)
Preening, “Associated Press” (Greasetrap Frisbee 7” EP, Never/Ever)
Isotope Soap, “Hate” (Frontal Disorder Post Mental Border 7” EP, Reich Chords)
Couteau Latex, “Hostile Environment” (Hostile Environment 7”, Goner)
Eight, “Blame” (Self-titled 7” EP, Dead Broke Rekerds)
- - -
X, “Home is Where the Floor is” (Home is Where the Floor is 7” EP, Rocknroll Blitzkrieg)
Gino & The Goons, “She Said No” (Rip It Up, Sunwray)
Les Lullies, “Don Craine” (Don’t Look Twice 7” EP, Slovenly)
Incredible Kidda Band, “Bullet in My Heart” (Bullet in My Heart 7”, Almost Ready)
- - -
Lost Balloons, “Feel the Pain” (Hey Summer, Dirtnap)

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