Razorcake Podcast #627 with Jimmy Alvarado

Apr 16, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #627 with Jimmy Alvarado

“The battery’s charging, but the engine’s blown.” - Adolescents

Smogtown, “You’ll Be Observed” (All Wiped Out EP, TKO)
Tarantula, “The Computer That Ate My Brain” (Weird Tales of Radiation and Hate EP, Deranged)
Bib, “Pseudo Punk” (Pop EP, Deranged)
Cold Meat, “Au Naturel” (Jimmy’s Lipstick EP, Helta Skelta)
Beartrade, “Room With A View” (Silent Unspeakable LP, Dead Broke)
- - -
TV Crime, “Hooligans” (Hooligans single, Static Shock)
Lowlife, “Thinking Naturally” (Leaders EP, HoZac)
Dishrags, “Bullshit” (Vancouver Complication comp, Rockin’ Bones)
The Cult of Lip, “Center” (Right Now EP, MPLS LTD.)
Gen Pop, “Plastic Comb” (II EP, Feel It)
Repairs, “Cycle” (Decay/Cycle single, HoZac)
Crash Course In Science, “Flying Turns” (The Minimal Wave Tapes: Volume One comp, Stones Throw)
Flat Worms, “Red Hot Sand” (Red Hot Sand EP, Volar)
- - -
Riot .303, “Skate Punx” (Skate Rock comp, Thrasher Magazine)
Poison Idea, “Nothing is Final” (War All The Time LP, TKO)
Physique, “Cross” (Punk Life is Shit EP, Iron Lung)
Häpeä, “Ilmaiskujen Kyntämä Maa” (Ei Sota Yhtä Miestä Kaipaa... EP, Tampere Hardcore Coalition)
Ravage Fix, “Disorder” (Self-titled EP, Rinderherz)
Rajoitus, “Raiskattu Ja Ristiinnaulittu” (Split EP w/ Ratstab, PATAC)
Limp Wrist, “Angry Queen” (Histeria comp, Lengua Armada)
Exit-Stance, “Ballykiss Disco” (When Backs are Turned LP, Papagájův Hlasatel)
- - -
Adolescents, “Disease (Cropduster LP, Concrete Jungle)
Rikk Agnew Band, “Deprogrammer (Learn LP, Frontier)

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