Razorcake Podcast #626 with Adel Souto, The South Florida Edition

Apr 12, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #626 with Adel Souto, The South Florida Edition

I’ve lived all over the U.S., but I’ve always wound up returning to south Florida. Not sure if it’s the weather, the beaches, where all my oldest friends are, or just my luck, but here I am again – like it, or not. Well, if you can’t fight them, join them, and what better way to join them, than be part of the music scene? I thought I’d try to get as many outsiders involved in the south Florida music scene too, and there’s no better way to introduce you to it, than the Razorcake Podcast.

Here is over an hour’s worth of today’s best (and some of days gone by), from Miami to West Palm Beach, and Coral Gables to Cape Coral. We’ll go from punk to funk, and goth to grind. Twenty-five tracks that will let the listener in on what is happening here on Florida’s southern tip.

Hopefully, this will melt some of that snow you might be trapped under.
Enjoy your listening!

-Adel Souto

Armageddon Man, “Invasive Species (armageddonmanmusic.bandcamp.com)
Death Lottery, “Jesus Does What He Wants (deathlottery.bandcamp.com)
F, “WWlll (fofficialpage.bandcamp.com)
Beat Obsolete, “Death Lottery (beatobsolete.bandcamp.com)
- - -
Ladron, “La Fuerza”  (ladron.bandcamp.com)
Zeta, “Afrontar” (joinzeta.bandcamp.com)
Antifaces, “Un Dia” (antifaces.bandcamp.com)
Eztorbo, “Basura Militar” (eztorbo.bandcamp.com)
Guerrilleros De Nadie, “Se Marchara” (swtrecords.bandcamp.com)
- - -
Angry Bastard, “Nation of Sheep” (angrybastard.bandcamp.com)
Coiled Menace, “Chemical Eyes” (reverbnation.com/coiledmenace)
Morning Again, “Susina” (morningagain.bandcamp.com)
Caveman Cult, “Caverns of Atrocity” (cavemancult.bandcamp.com)
- - -
Quit, “It's All The Same” (quithq.bandcamp.com)
The Anchorite Four, “Chopper Dave” (parapet.bandcamp.com)
sound4sound, “Liars of the World Unite, So I May Destroy You” (sound4sound.bandcamp.com)
Load, “Lumberjack Death Luge” (rattownrecords.bandcamp.com)
The Believers, “Remain” (https://soundcloud.com/dainbot/sets/the-believers-demo-1987)
- - -
Obsidian, “Non-Disclosure” (obsidianfront.bandcamp.com)
Mr. Entertainment & The Pookiesmackers, “The Great Escape” (mrentertainmentandthepookiesmackers.bandcamp.com)
Unity Rise, “Gentrification Song” (unityrise.bandcamp.com)
Charlie Pickett, “What I Like About Miami” (charliepickett.bandcamp.com)
Las Nubes, “Hellbag” (lasnubes.bandcamp.com)
Möthersky, “Remain In Memory” (motherskylive.bandcamp.com)
- - -
Blowfly, “Blowfly for President” (blowflyofficial.bandcamp.com)

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