Razorcake Podcast #625 with Kurt Morris

Apr 09, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #625 with Kurt Morris

Well, here it is: the last podcast of the series I’ve been doing monthly for more than a year. It’s been all about artists whose names start with a particular letter of the alphabet. In this case we’ve got U, V, W, Y, and Z. (Sorry X, but don’t have anything in my collection by you I wanted to highlight.) This has been a fun way to come up with some random things from my collection. I hope you’ve found things you’ve enjoyed over all these months!


Vampire Lezbos, “Plasma” (Spokanarchy! Original Soundtrack, Flat Field)
Youth Of Today, “Take a Stand” (Break Down the Walls, Revelation)
Youth Brigade (LA), “Boys in the Brigade” (Sound & Fury, BYO)
- - -
Unsane, “The Grind” (Sterilize, Southern Lord)
Zao, “Xenophobe” (“Xenophobe” b/w “Fear Itself” 7”, self-released)
The VSS, “Lunar Weight” (Nervous Circuits, Honey Bear)
Warzone, “Escape from Your Society” (NYHC: The Way It Is, Revelation)
We Talked About Murder, “Victimology” (Self-titled EP, Has Anyone Ever Told You?)
Wild Animals, “Science-Fiction” (The Hoax, B-core)
Ultramagg, “One Thousand Directions” (Emo Diaries Chapter Three, Deep Elm)
- - -
We Versus The Shark, “Slide” (Ruin Everything, Hello Sir)
Wire, “I Am the Fly” (I Am the Fly 7”)

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