Razorcake Podcast #623 with Mike Fournier

Apr 02, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #623 with Mike Fournier

School starts up again tomorrow. We spent our entire break working on the new spot, scraping wallpaper and picking colors and painting and cleaning and figuring out where everything will go. Choice is exhilarating; choice is exhausting. If you dig any of this stuff here, mostly new, choose to support the bands directly – they’ll appreciate it.

Mike F.

Cold Meat, “Lazy Anarchy” (Pork Sword Fever, Static Shock)
Strange Passage, “Shouldn’t Be Too Long” (title track teaser from forthcoming LP on Syncro System. Wuddup, Ricky!)
Bad Sports, “Cardboard Suits” (Constant Stimulation, Dirtnap)
Rexx, “To Communicate” (title track off their self-released LP)
Post Pink, “Made In Mexico” (I Believe You, Okay)
- - -
Mock Identity, “Glamor” (Paradise)
Beta Boys, “The Zoo” (Late Night Acts, Feel It)
Martha, “Heart Is Healing” (digital single)
Shiners Club, “Self Medicate” (Can’t Have Nice Things, Indesicion)
Jawbox, “LS/MFT” (For Your Own Special Sweetheart, DeSoto. See you bozos in NYC!)
- - -
Jejune, “Indian Giver” (Junk, Big Wheel Recreation)
Sial, “Masa Depan” (Self-titled, La Vida Es Un Mus)
Marbled Eye, “Curtain” (Leisure)
Cremalleras, “Nada Que Decir” (Split w/ Heterofobia)
- - -
Garrison, “Come On Die Young (No Seriously)” (The Silhouette, Revelation)

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