Razorcake Podcast #621 with Johnny and Elwood

Mar 26, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #621 with Johnny and Elwood

The acoustic guitar is dangerous thing. Used correctly, in the hands of Woody Guthrie or Pete Seeger, it could provide the perfect accompaniment to a song of the people. In the hands of some “hey there Delilah” dickhead it can make you want to vomit out of your ears. If you’re going to make acoustic punk music the songs need to have something really special.

The final track on this podcast, “Magic” by Beans On Toast has been listened to a lot in our house recently. It takes me right back to the day Elwood was born. All the fear, the uselessness and the strange joy that being a Dad at the birth of a child brings. I remember sitting next to my wife as she, with the doctors and midwifes, worked so hard to safely bring Elwood into the world. Feeling utterly overwhelmed by the whole situation, wearing hair covers on my feet because I had no idea how to dress for surgery. Being alone in a room with my new born son, whilst my wife was being attended to, I had no idea how to feel. Until I saw him in the arms of my wife it didn’t seem real, like he wasn’t my child but I was looking after him. When I saw them together it became clear that we’re a family now.

If your acoustic track can elicit that kind of response in a listener then you’re doing things right. If not, you need to lift your game buddy.


The Menzingers, “Cold Weather Gear” A Lesson in the Abuse of Technology (Go-Kart)
Rumbleseat, “Cursing Concrete” Rumbleseat Is Dead (No Idea)
- - -
The Lippies, “It Boils” Self-titled (Red Scare Industries)
Jeffrey Lewis, “Systematic Death” 12 Crass Songs (Rough Trade)
Ramshackle Glory, “Your Heart Is A Muscle The Size Of Your Fist” Live the Dream (DIY Bandits)
Caves, “Betterment” Betterment (Specialist Subject)
- - -
Paul Baribeau and Ginger Alford, “Ties That Bind” Darkness on the Edge of Your Town (Self-released)
Tragical History Tour, “Fight For Light” Aphorisms (Make That A Take)
The Orphans, “For An Old Kentucky Anarchist” Raise The Youth (Fistolo)
Julie Karr, “Bend Your Knees” We Aim To Try (Self-released)
- - -
Frightened Rabbit, “My Backwards Walk” Liver! Lung! Fr! (Fat Cat)
Mountain Goats, “Ballad Of Bull Ramos” Beat the Champ (Merge)
Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros, “Silver And Gold” Streetcore (Hellcat)
Billy Bragg, “The World Turned Upside Down” Between the Wars EP (Go Discs)
- - -
Beans On Toast, “Magic” A Bird In The Hand (Beans On Toast Music)

Thank you to all the staff at the hospital where Elwood was born, the NHS is a truely incredible institution.

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