Razorcake Podcast #618 with Billups Allen

Mar 15, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #618 with Billups Allen

D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia have a rich punk and D.I.Y. history. I lived in D.C. during a fun time. Not a particularly significant era, just a period where clubs and restaurants in Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. had bands sailing the seas of I-495 to play in front of a few punks here and there. Most of the bands didn’t tour much. Peppered in are a few lesser-known, should-be D.C. classics.

I moved to Memphis recently and unearthed a few demos and albums featuring bands that used to play regularly in my area. It inspired me to compile this list of songs from some of my old demo tapes and CDs. Some of it just stuck out: this list isn’t meant, nor could it be, a complete or encompassing list of the metro area music scene. It’s just some stuff I thought you might enjoy or at least be glad to be exposed to if you haven’t already heard it. Maybe you were around during this time and recognize some of the bands. Or maybe you’ll find a song you like or it’ll inspire you to dig through your old stuff.


The Slickee Boys, “Gotta Tell Me Why” (Line)
The Chumps, “I Don’t Wanna Be a Rock and Roll Star” (Afterburn)
Chalk Circle, “Reflection” (Mississippi)
- - -
United Mutation, “Passout” (DSI)
The Left, “Fuck It!” (Bona Fide)
Void, “My Rules” (Dischord)
- - -
Bubble Jug, “Used” (Demo)
Sell-Out Posers, “One Hammered, One Nailed” (Demo)
Positive State, “Pass the California” (Torque)
The Twenty Twos, “Never Suspect” (Demo)
The Suspects, “Suspected” (Torque)
- - -
Crispus Attucks, “Kill the White Hats” (Take it Back)
86 Mentality, “Next Generation” (Deranged)
The Candy Snatchers, “No Time to Waste” (Go-Kart)
Born Loose, “Step Up to the Plate” (Drug Front)
The Shirks, “Nakitomi Liz” (Grave Mistake)
- - -
Spirit Caravan, “Brainwashed” (Meteor City)
- - -
Black Market Baby, “Downward Christian Soldiers” (Dr. Strange)
Lungfish, “Hear the Children Sing” (Dischord)
Trouble Funk, “Get Down With Your Get Down” (Infinite Zero)