Razorcake Podcast #617 with Kayla Greet – Best of 2018

Mar 12, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #617 with Kayla Greet – Best of 2018

Better late than never, right? It's probably a few months into 2019 by the time this comes out, but it's just after the new year for me. Time travel! How does it work? Anyways, these are some of my favorite releases from last year. I guess the fact that it's 2019 doesn't change the fact that they're my favorites. It's not like someone is going to put out a new record now, but put the release date as something from 2018. That would be so silly. They're not gonna do that, right?

Some of these bands are ones I've played before and I'm playing them again because they're still in my top releases of last year. In case you still haven't checked any of these out, here's a sample.


Choke The Pope, “Milan High” Who Cares (Den Tapes)
- - -
Muncie Girls, “Clinic”  Fixed Ideals (Buzz0)
Spanish Love Songs, “Otis / Carl” Schmaltz (A-F)
Hop Along, “How Simple” Bark Your Head Off, Dog (Saddle Creek)
The Creeps,“Low” Beneath the Pines (It's Alive)
Hot Snakes, “I Need a Doctor” Jericho Sirens (Sub Pop)
- - -

Canadian Rifle, “Fantasy and Guilt” Peaceful Death (Dead Broke)
The Last Gang, “Identity” Keep 'em Counting (Fat)
+HIRS+, “Last Acrylic Nail in the Coffin” Friends.Lovers.Favorites (Get Better)
War On Women, “Silence is the Gift” Capture the Flag (Bridge Nine)
Night Birds, “Onward to Obscurity” Roll Credits (Fat)
- - -
Dyke Drama, “Maniac” Hard New Pills (Salina)
The Penske File, “Come What May” Salvation (Stomp)
Camp Cope, “The Face of God” How to Socialize and Make Friends (Run For Cover)
The Exbats, “I Got Fights” I Got the Hots for Charlie Watts (Burger)
Loser, “Restless Noise” Restless Noise (Domestic La La)
- - -
Bad Moves, “Give it a Shot” Tell No One (Don Giovanni)